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1.00am Saturday 7th September 2013

We are sitting waiting to board our flight. We got the last airport bus and it arrived at 10pm. Note to self for next time - no matter the cost, get a room, or get a taxi and arrive later! This waiting is killing me. I just want to sleep at the moment. My eyes are very sore - after all there is only so much Candy Crush you can play! All the shops have been closed for a while and there is nothing so much as a magazine to read.

I am not very good flyer at all so for the last couple of weeks I have been to some hypnosis sessions. I dont seem to be too stressed about the flying right now, impatience is funny that way.
Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to get upgraded so its cattle class all the way.I just read that it is 41 in dubai, 33 overnight! Singapore looks nice at a top of 30.
Ethan had almost played non stop on his ipod and is now so bored he is doing some puzzles in my book.

Well it will be time for boarding soon, looking forward to touching down in Dubai for a rest and the start of this adventure.


10am Aussie time
We arrive in KL after the most horrendous flight of my lifetime. It was just shy of an 8 hour flight and turbulent for 6 of those hours with passengers and crew strapped into their seats. It could not have been much worse for me. Although I handled myself ok, the turbulence coupled with lack of sleep almost sent me insane. Anyway the food on board was great and the crew excellent, and now we have just 6 short hours to go before our first official stop.


Well this flight was much better with only a couple of hours of turbulence. What is it today with turbulence? Anyway Emirates were great to fly with. On the flight I watched Arrow - the next 7 episodes so that I saw the season finale . What a tearjerker that was! The boys cruised through the flight and watched some movies. Ethan slept for hours - he is the lucky one.

As soon as we stepped off the plane into the crossover the heat hit us. It wasn't too bad but you knew it would be sweltering outside. My second observation about Dubai is the opulence. Mirrored pillars, marble floors and lots of golden colours. A huge water wall feeds into a feature fountain, and you get a train to go and get your luggage.

We manage to get a taxi easily and head to our hotel. A nice room with modern facilities, but we change quickly and head rooftop to our pool for a quick swim. It is 4pm Dubai time, but 10pm Aussie time so we want to try and make it to our usual bed time even though that will mean I have had no sleep for 41 hours. At this stage my eyes are kind of rolling back into my head every now and again as I try to stay awake.


We walk across the road to the Mall Of Emirates and look around at the shops. At 6pm we decide to have a bite to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, the burgers sounded great on the menu - and they were amazing. We are Big Bang Theory fans so we chose Cheesecake Factory as a bit of a lark but it was much more flamboyant than what they depict on the show. The mall is very big probably equivalent to Chadstone for those of you who have been there in Melbourne. They seem to group there shops here, kids shops all together, high end fashion in one area etc.
They have this amazing indoor snow field complete with a ski lift and runs. We didn't go in, but stood and watched many kids playing in the snow.

I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow, our only day here until we venture on to Rome. We like the sound of the water parks purely because the heat here takes your breath away. It was 44 yesterday and it was like walking around in a sauna.

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We're Off Tomorrow

Bags are packed

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Yes we are ready to go. No more Australian election talk or sus politicians leaving messages on my machine. No more school for Ethan or hassling about homework. No more work for David & I for 5 weeks. More importantly NO HOUSEWORK! Taking leave is worth it just for that. No dishes... can't believe it.

Bags are packed, things everywhere all over the house ready to be scooped up and thrown into carry on luggage. The broken toe incident from last week is well behind me with only a small niggling pain in my second smallest digit! House-sitter booked in and settled ready to feed the fish and walk our poochie. All is well with my world.

I am most looking forward to standing next to The Colosseum, having a picnic in French gardens, having Hot Chocolate at Angelina and walking down La Rumbla. Not to mention early morning walks around Rome before the tourists are out and about. A short trek up Vesuvius. Visiting Roland Garros. These are just a few experiences, of many, we are hoping for.

With this photo 'just down the road' from home, I will say goodbye until we reach our first destination - Dubai. Let's hope they have some good movies on the way - Wolverine would be nice! I'll be less homesick if I can watch Hugh Jackman on the small screen - and that's what I'll tell myself......

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Almost on our way...

The countdown begins

overcast 10 °C

We are only 17 days away from our family European adventure. I thought I would blog this trip so that all my friends will be wildly jealous of what we are up to! Hahaha! Only kidding. I think blogging is a brilliant way of keeping a journal of your trip and capturing sights and emotions as they happen. After 5 weeks of being together, in such close quarters, there should be some interesting observations.

This trip is vastly different from our usual trekking adventures and is more about enveloping ourselves in history and absorbing some European culture. So we are mixing it up a little and will travel by plane, coach, train and feet throughout this journey.

To try and make the most of our time we are taking a coach tour for a couple of weeks through Italy, Switzerland and France, and will also spend time in Barcelona. On the way to Europe we will spend a couple of nights in Dubai and on the way home a few nights in Singapore to relax before coming home.

For the purpose of this blog JED stands for Jen, Ethan & Dave.

I look forward to sharing all of our experiences with you, until the 6th , See ya!

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